What is a Divorce Party and Should I Have One?

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Usually when we here the word party we think of birthday parties, engagement parties, wedding parties, ect. Yet there are some cultures that believe that with destruction comes new life. Divorce is a destruction or marriage, but it is also known as a new beginning. It may seem like the end of the world right now, but can I tell you it’s not? Divorce is no doubt one of the hardest trials to go through in life. This is where you find the good in the situation. This is the part where you take all of your emotions, your anger, your sadness, your hatred, and you just let them go.

Cultural Celebrations

In Britain, Estelle Williams runs Rhythm of Life, which specializes in offering alternative ceremonies, such as Divorce Letting Go Parties. As Williams explains, “The ceremony may allow you to say sorry or to say thank you for the good times before it went wrong. It may involve a symbolic action like the cutting of a cord.”

Christine Gallagher, owner of a Los Angeles event company called The Divorce Party Planner, explains, “Divorce is part of life, and yet it’s the only major event for which we have no ritual. A celebration communicates that divorce is OK—life-affirming, even.”

What is it?

Simply put, a divorce party is a party to celebrate your divorce being final. What better way to start off your new life as a newly single bachelor / bachelorette then throwing a party to let everyone know? Divorce isn’t something to be ashamed of. Of course no one wants to go through it – but plans don’t always work out the way we plan.

Having a kick ass party to start off your new life as a divorcee will help you to gain a better sense of closure. You can have any kind of party you want. Maybe want to get your bachelor or bachelorette party back together and untie the knot with them. I say do it. Maybe you want to get both families together and have everyone celebrate together. You can do that too. Or maybe you want to have some wild Mexican fiesta. The world is really your oyster.

Should I throw one?

Anyone can have a divorce party and anyone can host one — the newly divorced person, their friends, their family, whoever. The only people who shouldn’t have divorce parties are people who really aren’t into parties. If you’re the type to prefer a quiet setting over raising the roof with your friends, then a divorce party is not for you.

I do. I did. I’m done!

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