Understanding Child Support2017-11-09T17:31:55+00:00

Florida is an income shares model state when it comes to determining child support. The philosophy is that children are entitled to the standard of living based upon both parents’ monthly income. The amount of child support awarded is based on the number of children and the combined income of the parents, and it is divided between the parents in direct proportion to their income or earning capacity.

Child support orders contain a provision for health insurance for the minor children when health insurance is reasonable in cost and accessible to the child. Health insurance is presumed to be reasonable in cost if the incremental cost of adding health insurance for the child does not exceed 5% of the gross income. (See Fla. Stat. § 61.13(1)(b) for full text of the law).

Florida uses a set of guidelines to calculate child support that are based on monthly amounts. To determine the amount of child support for your case, you should look at Florida’s Child Support Guidelines Chart.