6 Simple Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy During a Divorce

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It’s no surprise that going through a divorce isn’t the ideal situation to be in. Unfortunately, they do happen every day. It’s no one’s fault, it is just something that is a part of life at times. If there was a magic answer on how to deal with it trust me – I’d give it to you. Although it isn’t an easy concept to grasp there are natural ways you can tackle the situation. Here are our six simple tips to stay mentally healthy when going through a divorce:

  1. Don’t just go through it – grow through it

Every situation in life has a lesson that we can learn from. We may not like the situation but we can learn from it. Instead of trying your hardest to get through with the divorce as fast as possible take some time to sit back and reflect on it. Don’t reflect on it in a negative way but try to think what lesson you can learn from this. Divorce isn’t always in effect because someone did something wrong. Sometimes people simply grow apart. No matter what your situation is there is no reason to be bitter about it. (Ok, maybe at first you can be.) You need to let yourself feel all the emotions swirling around in your head and let them out. Take as much time as you need to do this. Once you’ve allowed yourself the time to let out your feelings and accept them it’s time to grow into a better version of yourself. Take your past mistakes and learn from them.

  1. Stay mindful

When you’re in the middle of a divorce it can be traumatizing. It can be easy to forget about your needs. Maybe you’re a parent and you have children. It’s important that you stay healthy and alert. Taking time for yourself is one of the most prominent things that will get you through a divorce. And if you do have children that are involved in the situation it’s healthy for them to see you in a good place. This can assure them that even though things may not have turned out the way everyone planned it will still be ok. Taking a few minutes for yourself each day to acknowledge your experience and emotions is a healthy practice that can help you come to terms with your situation.

  1. Be active

Going out and getting some sunshine can be an effective way to fight off the depression that comes along with divorce. You may be in a phase where you want to lounge around all day and order pizza, but can I tell you that’s not going to help you. It may be easier said than done, but once you pull yourself out of that rut and establish a nice healthy routine you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Get up in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, and go for a walk or jog. Doing this can not only fight off depression but it can help you sleep better at night and boost your self-esteem.

  1. Reach out for help

One of the worst things you can do during a divorce is to hold everything inside. We were not made to tackle everything on our own nor do we have to. Emotional turmoil is the most difficult part of a divorce. If you feel like you have no one you can talk to you can schedule an appointment with a therapist, join a group for people getting a divorce, or even try talking to someone at work. If you’re a spiritual person, your church should have resources that can help you. You don’t have to go through this alone – it’s crucial that you reach out for help when you need it.

  1. Reinvent yourself

It’s easy to use another relationship as a distraction for what you’re going through. However, when you’re married to someone you become one with them. You take on certain characteristics and habits of theirs and vice versa. This is your time to reinvent yourself before jumping into another relationship. You don’t want to bring baggage from your marriage into a new relationship. Try picking up a new hobby, going on a self-exploring vacation, write a top 50 bucket list, or buying yourself some new clothes (you deserve it!) This is your time to become yourself again.

  1. Journal your Journey

Writing down your experience can help you learn from it. I know what you guys out there are thinking, “Journals are for women.” In all actuality, they’re not. And there are many ways you can go about this. You can get a regular journal, you can start a blog for divorcees like yourself, and you can even start your own private/public video blog. Doing this will help you look back and see how far you’ve come or why you started your journey to becoming a better person in the first place. Maybe one day you’re having a sad day, things just aren’t working out in your favor or the way you planned them to – let it out.

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