The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act: Everywhere but Massachusetts

By | 2017-11-30T11:17:20+00:00 November 30th, 2017|Child Custody, Co-Parenting, Divorce|

Jurisdictional challenges result when a child or his divorcing parents have contact with more than one state. Will a custody [...]


5 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself As You Get Divorced

By | 2017-11-29T09:19:26+00:00 November 29th, 2017|Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce & Finances, Mediation, Wellness|

It is important to stay knowledgeable and in touch as you undergo the complicated process of getting divorced. Below are [...]


What Flor v. Flor means: Pre-2012 Divorces of Long Term Marriages May Mean Indefinite Alimony Obligations

By | 2017-11-10T06:25:12+00:00 November 10th, 2017|Alimony, Divorce, Divorce & Finances|

What does Flors v. Flors mean?If you were married over 20 years and signed a divorce agreement before March 1, [...]

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