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Same Sex Marriage and Civil Unions

 On January 1, 2010, same sex marriage became legal in New Hampshire. Same sex marriages now replace civil unions. After January 1, 2010, no new civil unions may be established in New Hampshire. If you already had an existing civil union as of January 1, 2010, you should get a marriage license and have your marriage solemnized. (RSA 457:46).

Common Law Marriages

New Hampshire does not recognize common-law marriages. However, New Hampshire does recognize something similar, known as common-law marriage at death. There are three requirements for common-law marriage at death: (1) you and your partner cohabited for 3 or more years preceding the death of one partner, (2) you acknowledged each other as husband and wife, and (3) your community knew you to be husband and wife. If all three of these requirements are present, then you may be deemed legally married after the death of one of the partners. See RSA 457:39 for the full text of the law.