About Babita Spinelli

The best part of what makes me who I am as a therapist are all of the clients who have let me into their lives and trusted me with their stories throughout the years. In our collaborative work together, I continue to grow and evolve as a therapist. I feel honored to be a part of their journey as each session brings them a better understanding of themselves, more growth and greater resilience.

I draw from my personal life to better myself professionally. Being a parent and stepparent, navigating the executive professional world and career transition, surviving trauma and life after divorce, and then finding a healthy and happy relationship with my partner, are all the ways I work with clients.

Make the Changes You Want: I know from personal experience therapy can change your life.
As your world evolves, grows, and diversifies in opinions, so does your view of being open to self-care. The more you experience the better you understand your heart and mind and the more you prioritize your health. Therapy is part of that. Scheduling a session with me can help you figure out what aspects of your life are overwhelming you, a way to sort through them, and the best means for regaining power over your priorities. Everyone has their own unique therapeutic journey. The amount of time and attention the process requires will depend on your reasons for starting: a specific challenge or issue that you are facing, a life transition, or a deeper emotional trauma from the past. The best part is that we figure it out together!
I truly believe in therapy and the power of the therapeutic journey.

Regardless of what brings you (individually or as a couple) to therapy, it is because you are searching for a positive change within you or in your life. Please contact us if you would like to learn more