Private School: Luxury or Necessity?

One of the many unfortunate consequences of a divorce is that it may leave you with less monthly income to use for your current lifestyle and that of your children. While this consequence is unfortunate, it is also a logical consequence of a divorce because the same income that was once used to fund one household now must fund two separate households. Metaphorically speaking, the same pie is being divided into more slices, which makes each slice smaller.

Consequently, some divorced parents must evaluate their expenses based on the new reality in which they live. One question that often arises in such an instance is whether the children should continue to attend private schools? As with all child-related issues, the question of school choice should always be guided by the best interest of the children. One may consider whether it is financially prudent to expend significant funds on a private primary school education? The parents may determine that it would be wise to reserve their limited resources for a private high school education, instead. Additionally, under certain circumstances, a child may qualify for scholarships and/or grants, which would defray the private school costs for the parents. While it is an admirable goal for parents to attempt to maintain the children’s post-divorce lives in close resemblance to their pre-divorce lives, this may not be financially possible. Therefore, if the parents are unable to continue to fund the children’s private school education, it is likely, and perhaps wise, for the children to transfer to a public school, in order to avoid the parents incurring substantial educational debt before the children even apply to college!

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